Eternal Continuum Hallucination


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    -featuring...Sasha Chrosciewicz-guitar, bass, vocals....Lille Gruber, Sam Santiago, Kevin Talley-drums....Paolo Maniezzo-guest vocals....Joe Gordon, and Eli Slamang-guest guitar solo

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-Debut full length album for VACUUS entitled, "Eternal Continuum Hallucination"
-Canadian death metal band from Vancouver, BC, Canada


released June 27, 2016

-Sasha Chrosciewicz-guitar, bass, vocals


-Lille Gruber, Sam Santiago, and Kevin Talley on drums
-Paolo Maniezzo-guest vocals
-Joe Gordon, and ELi Slamang on guest lead guitar



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VACUUS Vancouver, British Columbia

A mix of old school death metal crossed with early 2000s tech death, spliced with a subtle touch of progressive elements...what one has described as "...classical music on crack."

"...the human mind is quite susceptible to....

Sasha Chrosciewicz-creator, lead, rhythm guitars, bass, vocals

Featuring session musicians-Kevin Talley, Lille Gruber, Paolo Munniezz, Eli Slamang
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Track Name: Psychosis
no lyrics
Track Name: Dissolved Illusion

What you may believe is all based upon your upbringing - the hand you’re dealt
From conception you are nearly an accumulation - of your experiences, traumas
Over time you cater to what you are forced to believe
Now you come to realize - nothing is what it seems

Try to see
Try to see - past the lies
Start to see - all you know - disintegrate before your eyes


The condition of being - deceived by a false perception or ancient belief
Commonly misconstrued by authoritative figures - that surrounds you

Dissolved Illusion - understanding the means to deceive the masses
Dissolved Illusion - conflict and control every being
Manipulation of the highest order - Narcissistic domination
Dissolved Illusion - breaking the cycle of monotonous existence

The world we see that seems so insane - is the result
of a belief system
To perceive the world differently, we must be willing
to change our beliefs

Are minds are programmed to delude
All that surrounds you
Do just as you’re told
Or we will systematically erase you

Dissolve the fear in your minds
Shed the skin of indoctrination

We are either going to dissolve as a human race, or we are going to break into a new understanding of what it is to be a human being...
Track Name: God Complex

Enormous problems coping Relating to others
Being mad in narrow areas of life and behaviour
Malignant self love - addicted to a drug
Describes all forms of attention - both positive/negative

Egomania complex Narcissistic personality disorder

Often psycho-therapists, teachers, priests, politicians
Pretend to be lovers, givers, altruistic
Project to the outside world - kindness, compassion
Living in the age of entitlement - Rise of narcissism

Everyone has an ego Are you an egomaniac?
What better manifestation...than to be like God?

Do people often fail to appreciate your talents? or Accomplishments?
Have people told you you have too high of an opinion of yourself?
Do you often think of the power, fame, and recognition that will one day be yours?
Is it important that people pay attention and admire you in any way?

Do you feel you need special treatment?
Do you expect people to do just as you ask without question because of who you are?
Would you say you’re not really interested in other people’s problems or feelings?
Do you find there are very few people who are worth the time and attention?

Everyone has an ego Are you an egomaniac?
What better manifestation...than to be like...

Track Name: Innate Dichotomy Transcendence
Innate Dichotomy Transcendence

Thwart - Vex - Spite - Suffer

Feeling - This Vessel
Comprehending the dichotomy that brings forth transcendence

Some may say through faith - that sin offsets the good
Then again the Buddhist - breeds on dualities
Scientists may claim - there’s no evidence for your deity
Yet there’s no evidence stating otherwise

See - Beyond -All things add up to fear
Every being on this earth is afraid of the unknown
Other side one can know - unable to detach - ignorant malevolence

What may lie beyond
Beyond this illusion - forever blind
Until they draw the curtain
Death releases you from this mortal flesh

Deceptive, cynical, insightful, contemplative skeptic
This all is redundant - A question that may never have an answer

Suffering to feel alive - longing for the other side
Beyond the confinements of time - beyond atoms, stardust
If a greater purpose awaits you - would you consciously feel it
Belonging to an essential part - of something inherent, divine

Conceived or derived from
The mind
Constitution of the intellect
Rather than from experience
Going beyond ordinary limits
Transcend the universe,
Transcending time
All possible modes
Of the infinite
Beyond or before experience
Track Name: Brain Trauma
Brain Trauma

Focal impact upon the...head

Colossal force pierces the skull and breaches the dura matter
The outermost membrane surrounding the brain has been severely mutilated
Tremendous force sends shock waves through the skull, resulting in tissue damage
Hemorrhage within the hemispheres, cerebral laceration
Darkness swells in, all things become meaningless

Losing all feeling, and senses in my being
As I lose consciousness, my head fills with blood


Moribund reality, fading mortality
On the verge of non existence
It’s not worth being saved, with a jig saw puzzle for a brain
If you are to survive, would you have any sense of life?

Falling in and out of consciousness
Memories of life - visions of horror

Craniotomy must begin immediately
In order to relieve the pressure on the brain
Thin walled arteries to rupture
Releasing blood into the brain tissue
Cutting a hole in the skull with a drill to expose
The brain and remove the clot - Brainstem compression
A hallow needle suctions out all the contents
Creates the blood profusion - let the blood flow


Brain Trauma

Falling deep into the abyss
Moments before my final death
My life flashes before my eyes.
Track Name: Seeding Infinity

It's difficult for one to fathom - beyond this mortality
A higher realm of existence in the universe
Beyond thought, comprehension - your senses, instincts
Awaits ones immortality


New realm of consciousness - of being - seeding infinity
New tense of understanding - of everything - universal eye

Time ceases to exist - the pendulum forever swings - without form

Revealing the new dimension - you are your own deity

New sense of experience - no feeling - one with the void
New realm - nonexistence - no form - mute to all things
New realm of consciousness - of being - seeding infinity
New tense of understanding - of everything - universal eye

Within oneself - equilibrium

Pass beyond this ocean of life and death
Track Name: Fragmentation of the Mind
VACUUS-Fragmentation of the Mind

Fragmentation of the Mind
Imprinted through time
Envisioned manifestation
Is this real or hallucination?

Everything is perception
Your senses are all that you know
Thoughts hold such power
That perception becomes hallucinations

Even though you may feel something in your bones
Your mind, heart and soul
Does not mean it’s an absolute
...Of absolutes
Track Name: Eternal Continuum Hallucination
VACUUS-Eternal Continuum Hallucination

Hallucinations have been known to reveal lucid visions
Of a realm beyond human existence

Visions - altered state - juxtaposed - with ones fate

Some may believe all there is to life - is to live and to die
But awaiting you in the abyss of thought - behold the might to discover another light

Something seething in the shadows
On the subconscious level
Awaiting you on the other side
A vision beyond this life


Fluid brilliance through out of the body experience
Crystallized visions of a higher realm of existence
Phenomena from neural processes -intuition - clairvoyance

(In the) space time continuum (...of General Relativity),
Events are defined in terms of four dimension:
Three of space
And one of time
With one co-ordinate for each dimension
We continuously “move” along the time dimension
What does it mean for space-time to be curved?
The universe has a similar curvature
Traveling in one direction
Long enough - will bring you back to where you began

Visions - altered state - juxtaposed with ones fate
Space time - Eternal - Continuum
Consciously precessing in the abyss of hallucination